Westfield Health appoint ambassador… for sleep!

Westfield Health appoint ambassador… for sleep!

Employees at Sheffield’s Westfield Health are being offered help from a Sleep Ambassador, appointed to help staff improve sleep and boost wellbeing.

With 20 years’ experience in his field, Doncaster-born James Wilson, also known as the ‘Sleep Geek’, will be working internally at the company’s new headquarters to offer employees coaching sessions in the ‘science of sleep’. 

Following the employee trial, Westfield Health plans to look at how it can work with James to find ways of improving the company’s existing health and wellbeing propositions.

James said: “The offerings of Westfield Health and what I, as the Sleep Geek, provide are very similar. We’re both dedicated to helping people lead healthier lives and achieve personal wellbeing, and our services both complement the NHS.

“Sleep is fundamental to health. When we sleep our bodies have time to heal and repair, and it is crucial for reducing the risk of chronic health conditions.

“However, due to our busy modern lifestyles and concerns like work and family commitments or financial worries, getting a good night’s sleep is something a lot of people have trouble with.  It can be hard to access good sleep support and services when needed and I am passionate about changing this through consultations, coaching, and environment and behaviour analysis.

“It might not necessarily just be for staff who can’t sleep, it could be that they need help improving their children’s sleep patterns, too.”

Commercial director at Westfield Health, David Capper, said: “We’re very excited to be working with James. With so much experience in his field, he takes an approach that is tailored to the individual – ensuring the sleep environment is right, and the pre-sleep routine is perfect.

“We, like James, understand how important sleep is for a person’s health and we believe it is an integral part of helping improve health and wellbeing.

“At Westfield Health, we’re committed to supporting businesses like James’ to expand and flourish, working together to help improve the health and wellbeing of the wider population.”