Digital knowledge exchange

Seeking partners to exchange digital knowledge

The team delivering the Leeds city region business support programme Digital Enterprise are seeking interest from businesses, partners, trainers and suppliers who would like to get involved in various aspects of a new part of the programme - the Digital Knowledge Exchange

The Digital Knowledge Exchange is a key component of the Digital Enterprise business support programme and will target growing eligible small to medium sized businesses in the Leeds city region. It will offer entrepreneurs and managers access to knowledge, expertise and advice on deploying digital solutions to help them develop their business.

As a result of participating in the programme, businesses will become much more aware of how to use digital solutions and will become more confident about making an investment in the most appropriate digital technologies to support their development goals and aspirations.

Businesses will have access to their own Digital Knowledge Exchange online account which includes access to a digital audit, the ability to register for workshops and conferences, as well as access to digital champions, best practice content, guidance, webinars and live Q&As.

Set to provide at least 400 businesses with 12 hours of dedicated support, the programme will deliver 36 workshops and 4 large digital technology focused conferences on a range of topics including content and video marketing, customer service in a digital age, social and digital strategies and more. Dedicated mentoring support will be available to 50 businesses, offering confidence boosting help via a mixture of face to face, online and telephone mentoring.

During July, the project team will begin raising awareness of the scheme across the Leeds City Region and start to roll out the audit and digital advisory support. The official launch event for businesses will take place in September 2017, with full details following shortly.

At this stage, Beth Hewitt, senior project manager for the Digital Knowledge Exchange, is keen to seek interest from businesses, partners, trainers and suppliers who would like to get involved in various aspects of the programme. Simply complete this short survey to tell her more about your interests, or you can contact Beth via email