Leading Creative Teams

West-Yorkshire based creative development agency IVE is passionate about changing workplace culture and encouraging business leaders to drive creativity within their organisations.

We spoke to Drew Rowlands, Director of Development at IVE, to find out why he believes creativity is so important in the modern world and the ways in which business leaders and management teams can encourage their employees to be more creative.

He said: “Creativity is an essential human capacity. It enables us to express our ideas and aspirations and helps us to shape the ever-changing culture of the modern world. Basically, it is the process that leads to change, but it is leadership that acts as the catalyst for that change.

“With advancements in technology, particularly within artificial intelligence, it is vital that we seek to ensure that the human capacity to adapt and remain flexible to this constant change is a priority in the workplace.

“This must start with having the right leaders and leadership structures in place. Organisations require leaders who are prepared to embrace creativity and innovation, and who want to apply creativity in a range of different contexts and for different purposes. Central to their vision, strategy and structures, there must be the desire to consciously nurture and develop the creative capacities of the whole workforce.”

IVE delivers leadership training to its clients which instils the value of creativity as a 21st century skill, promotes the range and richness of creativity as an underpinning approach to leadership, and encourages learning and ways in which creativity can be nurtured individually, with colleagues and across an organisation.

Drew continued: “By focusing on leadership structures from the outset, business leaders can encourage a generation of new ideas and create an environment where employees feel their suggestions will be listened to. In doing so, the chances of producing new, breakthrough solutions when they are needed are increased.

“Fundamentally, the best way to build an innovative, vibrant and effective organisation is by establishing an effective leadership approach in which everyone is empowered through training and coaching, and where mechanisms are in place to allow the whole team to become creative and effective leaders themselves.

“Our training sessions enable participants to apply creativity to challenges and real life contexts, whilst reflecting on how it might impact their personal and organisational growth.”

IVE, previously known as CapeUK, spent 20 years at the forefront of research and thinking around creativity and the creative process prior to offering its consultancy and training services, which provide support, development and training to both business owners and their employees.

Bespoke packages are developed around the needs of individual businesses to promote innovative thinking and help unlock the creative potential of employees.

To find out more about IVE’s Leadership Training or its other services, contact Drew Rowlands on 0113 322 3050 or visit www.weareive.org.