Intermediary support

Get access to funds without the hassle

The world of business support can be extremely confusing and difficult to navigate, especially if your clients want funding support. Whether it’s to take on new staff, achieve big growth plans, or simply build up their working capital, most businesses could benefit from a financial boost.

However, you might not know where the best place is to start to support their needs. There are over 200 schemes out there, including capital and revenue grants, loans, consultancy, mentoring, training – the list goes on. New schemes are being launched, whilst old ones quietly disappear without you even realising. If you’re an accountant, a mentor, coach, or work in a form of advisory role for a business, then your life isn’t always the easiest.

It can take a lot of time to keep up to date with funding programme changes and often there’s not a lot of information available online about business support. You don’t want to spend your day scrolling through page after page on Google, or contacting different organisations to get a straight answer. This is why How’s Business is here to help, and they’ve recently launched new support to ensure you can find the right funding programmes for your clients.  

How’s Business is the Growth Hub for the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Enterprise Partnership, and they will act as your map to navigate the difficult business support landscape. The team at How’s Business know how hard providing business support can be, and they want to ensure that your clients are able to access the right guidance to achieve their growth ambitions.

Although all of the funding, networking and consultancy support can feel endless, this is not a bad thing. It means that now is the perfect time for businesses to be making changes and expanding. You shouldn’t feel frustrated by the numerous funding programmes that are available, especially when How’s Business is here to take the pressure off.   

Their free services have recently expanded from online resources (which included articles and eBooks) to offer a more hands-on approach. It has been described as “your own personal business Siri” by Jennifer Feltham, owner of the organic skincare business Mia and Dom, who have been previously supported by the Growth Hub. All of the funding sources have been packaged neatly into an internal programme that the How’s Business team can use to filter through to find which is the perfect fit for your client’s needs. 

Put simply, through How’s Business, you’ll be able to get the answers you need without any of the fuss. They won’t send any financial jargon that will need deciphering, just simple answers you can trust. To access their support, all you need to do is to get in touch via and provide them with some background detail on the project your client is working on.

There’s no catch either – your next step is to sit back and wait for How’s Business to give you the information. Instead of spending hours researching available funding, you’ll need five or ten minutes to write an email and the rest of the work is up to How’s Business.

If your client has complex needs and they’d like to access a range of funding programmes, the team at How’s Business can also give you a call to talk through their plans in further detail. They are here for the long haul and want to ensure you are aware of the best possible business support, so get in touch now via and get the answers you need.