How’s Business help BioClad cut the confusion

How’s Business help BioClad cut the confusion

BioClad needed a finance director to make a difference in their business, and the How’s Business team helped filter through all the available options to make it happen…

Yorkshire isn’t short on success stories when it comes to manufacturing and BioClad perfectly sums this up. BioClad, a Harrogate-based manufacturer of hygienic spaces, has worked with leading brands like McDonalds and Starbucks and won the prestigious Queen’s award for export 2017.

However, even businesses with these achievements can face difficulties when it comes to funding. Lindsay needed support to take on a financial director, so that he could manage the risks of his growth ambitions. It can be frustrating to find financial support, and Lindsay McKenzie, director of BioClad, felt the same until he contacted How’s Business.

“It sounds cliché, but sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know”, Lindsay explained and with over a hundred different options, from grants and networking to training, it’s no wonder that businesses often miss out on opportunities to support their growth.

Or worse, people spend time going through all of the application paperwork for a scheme that doesn’t fully cover their project needs.

Lindsay wanted to take on a financial director without searching online and struggling through unnecessary jargon to get an answer, so How’s Business filtered through the options and picked the one best suited to Lindsay’s needs.

This way, Lindsay could focus on his plans to bring on more staff and reach a desired turnover of £20 million by 2020.  

With strong growth ambitions, there’s a potential for risk, even in a successful business such as BioClad. A financial director will support Lindsay in strategic planning and ensure the business has realistic financial goals that can be achieved. Through a range of audits, BioClad could become more secure, even as it develops into a larger business.

Planning is everything, especially when it comes to money, and having an expert on board could ensure Lindsay isn’t juggling too many jobs at once. Now, all Lindsay would need to do is fund his consultant.

How’s Business introduced Lindsay to the Manufacturing Growth Programme, a 35% grant to cover the cost of consultancy fees. This has allowed Lindsay to do exactly what he’d planned and take on a part time Financial Director.

There’s no time like the present when it comes to growing your business and BioClad is making the most of this. Lindsay’s next plans include developing two new websites for BioClad, which could be supported through the 40% grant scheme Digital Advantage.

This will allow Lindsay to hire web developers so that he can get the most out of his site. In an age of technology, it’s a worthwhile investment, as your website is often where clients will get their first impression of your business. If you have a difficult and outdated website, your customers may lose interest and look elsewhere.

By investing in consultancy support, Lindsay is ensuring that his customers stay loyal to his business.

If your business could benefit from consultancy support or funding, get in touch with the team at How’s Business via