Chris Beaumont

Chris Beaumont

Clive Owen LLP – talking your language

Accountancy has often been described as the language of business and when you are leading a company in today’s complex economic climate, it’s wise to be financially fluent.

Finance remains an ever-present concern for those who are leading commercial organisations. Steering business activity successfully towards growth, profit and positive social impact, whilst navigating the unknown impact of Brexit and austerity measures along the way, can be helped with expert advice.

Clive Owen LLP celebrates 35 years in business next year, due in part to the fact that its team embraces change in a world where the role of accountants is changing rapidly. The firm’s longstanding partners understand the challenges of running a successful organisation, having developed Clive Owen LLP into one of the leading independent accountancy and business advice practices in the region.

The team comprises ten partners and over 100 staff across three offices in Darlington, York and Durham, each providing a range of services from general accountancy and specialist tax advice to forward-thinking business advice.

Meeting the needs of clients in a highly competitive environment demands more of today’s accountants. Darlington partner Chris Beaumont outlines his view of the complex demands faced by business:

“Strategic vision is vital to the continued success of any business. No-one can stand still and expect to thrive in the fast-paced competitive marketplaces in which we all operate today.

“Having a great vision aligned with your business objectives is a good starting point, but developing strong processes and creating team engagement to deliver can be more difficult.’’

Clive Owen LLP has had to adapt to the changing needs of clients and the introduction of cloud accounting systems, while supporting businesses through the impact of government plans to digitise tax.

Chris explains: “The role of accountancy is evolving with the advent of new technologies, such as cloud accounting, that give clients real time access to current position financial performance figures online, anytime, anywhere. This means big change for clients and some will adapt better than others, making our advisory role even more valuable.

“We already provide this service but the government proposals regarding ‘Making Tax Digital’, which will require all businesses to submit quarterly tax returns online in due course, will drive change and prove difficult for some businesses. Our teams have the expertise to advise which cloud system is best for each individual business, and to take care of the set-up and training.’’

The firm attributes its success to being prepared to take difficult decisions and putting clients at the heart of everything it does. Services offered are reviewed regularly to make sure they meet the test of solving clients’ evolving financial needs.

The firm has very successful grants and corporate finance teams in place, with the grants department having already successfully supported access to an impressive £180m worth of grants in the past five years.

Clive Owen Technology Services is based in the Darlington office providing IT solutions for business. The team delivers everything from hardware to network management and software to cyber security protection, which is high on the business agenda right now.

Chris says the additional services make sense for clients, “Loyalty and proactive client service are critical aspects of what we do; it’s our job to strategically review what’s coming next and make the investment to support our clients. This is one of the reasons we have an IT business.

“We also offer a raft of cloud accounting solutions and payroll services in our managed services department. Basically, it’s a brave new technology driven world and our philosophy is always to be ahead of the curve.”

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