Boost your business with the tools to train your team

Boost your business with the tools to train your team

The York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Enterprise Partnership has invested £20m to help employers train their workforce and give them the tools to develop their staff.

Annabel Jelley, the Local Enterprise Partnership’s head of skills, said: “The funding is helping our businesses fill skills gaps, address succession plan worries and prioritise staff development. A highly skilled workforce is vital to increase our area’s productivity and this investment is instrumental for helping us to achieve that.

“The value of a workforce is calculated in the amount of experience they have, the connections they bring and how specialist their skills are. That’s why we’re working with our colleges and training providers to deliver projects that make it easy for businesses in the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding area to invest in, and develop their staff. We’re putting businesses in the driving seat to select training that increases the value and productivity of each member of their team.”

York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Enterprise Partnership’s Growth Hub, How’s Business, provides the single point of contact for accessing business support and advice. The team work with business experts and support organisations, training providers and colleges so that businesses can always find the right solutions without having to scour the internet. The How’s Business website details all the support on offer for businesses.

Ashley Mason, chief officer of YorMed, came to the growth hub looking to train his staff so that they were all able “to have more flexibility and take on more contracts” in his business. After assessing his needs, the How’s Business team connected Ashley with Skills Support for the Workforce, a programme offering fully funded skills training. Ashley was able to access fully funded management training for two existing and two new employees.

Over five courses, Ashley’s employees were able to pick up skills on everything from appraisals, business planning, engaging staff and much more. Whether businesses need industry-specific training, or more general business skills like marketing or managing, Skills Support for the Workforce will work to identify specific skills gaps and recommend bespoke training. Businesses can find out what fully funded training they could access by emailing

Additional training and support can be found through the Yorkshire Apprenticeship Hub. Apprenticeships offer a solution to address technical skills gaps for the existing workforce, or to grow a team. Apprenticeships are a cost effective way to increase skills levels, offering training right up to degree level. For businesses facing a loss of vital knowledge through an ageing workforce, apprenticeships can address replacement demand and enable future growth.

With government reforms, the introduction of the apprenticeship levy and the support that’s available through the Yorkshire Apprenticeship Hub, it’s an excellent time for businesses to benefit from apprenticeship training for their workforce.

The Yorkshire Apprenticeship Hub will provide advice and guidance about each stage of apprenticeship training. By accessing support through the Hub, you’ll receive a fully funded skills health check to ascertain where your skills needs are, get support to secure the right training and provider, as well as ongoing apprentice and employer support during the training. You can find out more on their website:

Skills Support for the Workforce and Yorkshire Apprenticeship Hub are co-financed through the European Union’s European Social Fund and the Education and Skills Funding Agency. If you’d like to find out more about what funding and support you can access to up-skill your staff, train new employees or grow your business, email Their support team will be able to assess your business needs and put you in contact with the best support provider for your business.