Through Hull and canal water

Through Hull and canal water

IVE development director Drew Rowlands says sometimes we are in danger of placing young people on to the same production line their parents had to endure, with no development plan in mind.

“Sometimes our society does what we think young people want without listening hard enough to them and what their issues are,” he said.

IVE is becoming the sector expert in turning that around and making the most of a young person’s talents and character; making sure the skills pipeline remains open to bring fresh new talent into the jobs market is an important part of what they do. Across Yorkshire and the Humber, IVE is working to bridge the gaps between employers, educators and young people.

Recently, much of their work has been focused on Hull, tying in with the exciting projects coming out of Hull City of Culture.
The Creative and Cultural Skills’ Creative Employment Programme sought to address a skills gaps in the delivery of a number of Hull, City of Culture projects where several junior roles existed without adequate candidates to fill them.

IVE worked to support young people through this programme to take their first steps into employment with apprenticeships or paid internships that has allowed them to gain skills, experience and qualifications to help pursue their creative ambitions. The programme has so far filled 22 positions with several apprentices moving on to full time roles.

IVE has adapted its learning from its experience with Hull City of Culture to develop an internal programme, Shaping Creative Futures, which aims to achieve similar results across the whole of the region, providing mentoring, apprenticeship and training programmes for young people, particularly from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The organisation has been working with leaders from the 15 Local Authorities of Yorkshire and the Humber to address issues in relation to standards in schools. Its leadership programme saw it work with 34 school leaders to build an understanding of how a creative vision, systems and the practice of teaching creativity can drive improvement in standards and close the gap in attainment between different groups of pupils.

IVE logoTeachers in Hull have also benefitted from a Teacher Development Pilot run in partnership between IVE and the RSC for the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. Primary school teachers worked with artists from the RSC using rehearsal room techniques and theatre-making to teach Shakespeare at primary level. Outside the direct use with drama teaching, the sessions developed teachers’ skill, confidence and ambition. They also used IVE’s ‘learning to enquire’ model of review to encourage teachers to consider how these ideas and techniques could be applied across the curriculum to impact on students’ literacy, language and creativity.

IVEs newest project, Ignite, is part of the Heritage Lottery Fund’s broader ‘Kick the Dust’ campaign, aimed at linking young people with heritage industries. Ignite will start a revolution in how Yorkshire’s industrial heritage is viewed, understood, appreciated and engaged with by current and future generations of young people and their communities.

The project goes back to one of IVE’s founding principles in making sure that young people there have their own say in their future directions. Ignite will include a young person’s board in any future projects to facilitate young people’s ‘discovery’ and ‘ownership’ of the amazing built heritage structures and feats of Victorian engineering that are along the canals and waterways connecting the three traditional Ridings of Yorkshire, which were the industrial transport routes of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Heritage partners will pilot new and ambitious ways of engaging young people, involving young people in that planning and delivery, to ensure a sustainable legacy where young people’s voice, opinion and decision making form an integral part of future organisational focus and strategy.

With these and so many other projects, IVE is building trust with young people and placing them at the heart of organisations to bring about real innovation in the way current and future generations are engaged.