There’s never been a better time to export

Are you finding that competition in the UK market is limiting your sales? Then you might be ready to take your business global and share your Yorkshire products with the world.

Look to the gin industry for inspiration. As gin has rapidly risen in popularity, the competition for the market has also grown, and many distilleries have found that exporting has expanded their customer base and increased sales. With favourable exchange rates and a huge amount of support to help British businesses to export, there’s never been a better time to start.

Curious? Then you might want to know that we can help you find funding and support for each of the following:

  1. Finding an overseas market. Before you export, you need to know where your potential customers are. Fortunately, a lot of market research into international consumer trends is readily available, along with support and grants for country visits and more specialised, specific forms of research.
  2. Adapting your product or service to a new market. Whether it’s as simple as changing the colour of your product, or as complex as meeting a country’s specific regulations, help is available for you to successfully launch into a new market.
  3. Protecting your IP, and not accidentally infringing on someone else’s. Although your intellectual property might be properly registered and protected in the UK, that doesn’t mean you have the same levels of assurance and protection in your new market. Fortunately, there’s a lot of information and expertise out there that can help you to enter a new market with confidence.
  4. Making sure your team is ready for export. Hopefully you’ll see a higher demand for your products when you start exporting, so it’s essential to make sure you have enough capacity, the right skills, and appropriate processes to meet that demand. If this is an area that you could do with some help on, there are a lot of different support options and we can do the hard work of sorting through them to find the right ones for you.
  5. Getting the language right. For a lot of businesses, the USA is a great place to start exporting because there isn’t a language barrier. But, if your target market is in a non-English speaking country, there’s still a lot of options to consider. Local universities and business schools offer some great short and long-term opportunities to work with talented business students who can speak the same language as your target market.
  6. Access to finance. Favourable exchange rates have created some great opportunities for businesses to start exporting, and new forms of funding have made access to finance easier than ever before. So if there is an opportunity out there for you to grow your business, let us know.
  7. Making sense of all the support that’s out there. If you want to export, there’s a huge amount of support and funding that’s available, whether that’s for attending trade fairs, market research, product and service development, or the softer side of export: developing the capacity and capability of your team. This is where we come in, we’re here to act as a single point of contact for all business support in York, North Yorkshire and East Riding. We’ll do the hard work, identifying which support is right for you, helping you to prioritise it, and introducing you to the people who can help.

We’re How’s Business, the single point of contact for business support in York, North Yorkshire and East Riding. To find out more about what support is available to help you start exporting, get in touch with our team at support@howsbusiness.org.