Meet the Leeds firm making teams more collaborative across the globe

Meet the Leeds firm making teams more collaborative across the globe

If you think technology has made the world a more insular place, think again, because this Leeds software agency is transforming the way people across the globe collaborate with their colleagues.

Peter Mills and Adam Roney founded Calls9 in 2011 on a mission to help teams like yours communicate better than ever – and their flagship product Knowledge Plus has made workforces happier and more efficient ever since, by putting everything staff could possibly need at their fingertips, whether they’re working in the office or remotely, on desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

It’s an integrated communications platform that combines live chat features with analytics and libraries of key company documents and policies – that you can share with specific people and teams to the whole company. Knowledge Plus is already considered a credible alternative to Microsoft SharePoint and various other expensive or overly complicated platforms.

But don’t just take our word for it, because Calls9 designed a bespoke knowledge management system with joyfully simple interface for cap hpi – helping the 280 strong workforce at the global automotive data company to collaborate and share information internally.

The Yorkshire entrepreneurs’ first client was actually Eversheds Sutherland – the international law firm where the duo worked and entered an international innovation competition together six years ago. Their ‘Client Console’, a digital portal for the firm’s online legal services, took first prize and is still used by Eversheds Sutherland today.

Realising that software was more their forte, Mills and Roney became digital consultants and left to tackle the internal communications problems hindering other businesses – which ultimately sparked the idea for Knowledge Plus.

Today, thousands of entrepreneurs, marketing directors and business people depend on Calls9 software and services across the globe – from luxury designer brands such as Jimmy Choo to the likes of the University of Leeds and Smoothwall, all intent on improving their employee experience, internal marketing and internal communication strategy with Calls9’s knowledge management and integrated communications platform.

Long before Calls9 was founded, the company co-founders had already been nominated for Financial Times’ innovation award. By 2017, KPMG shortlisted the company for ‘Best British Mobile Start Up’ and in April the same year, Roney was recognised as one of Yorkshire’s rising stars at the Insider 42 Under 42 Awards. So if you’re anything like us, you’ll be excited to see what Calls9 achieve next.